Zur Lage in Katalonien

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(Referat bei einer Diskussionsveranstaltung der ia.rkp Ende November 2017)

1. Ausgangspunkte

Katalonien ist eine eigenständige Nation mit einer jahrhundertelangen Geschichte, auch einer der nationalen Unterdrückung und nationalen Widerstands. Sie manifestiert sich in der katalanischen Sprache und Kultur wie auch z.B. in einem besonderen katalonischen Rechtssystem. Mit 7,5 Millionen Einwohnern und einer hochentwickelten kapitalistischen Gesellschaft ist Katalonien nicht vergleichbar mit schwachen und kleinen bis zwerghaften nationalen Minderheiten, schon gar nicht mit niedergehenden und sich in größere Nationen auflösenden oder sogar schon weitgehend zersetzten Nationalitäten oder Sprachinseln. Es handelt sich bei Katalonien um eine lebendige und lebensfähige Nation. Weiterlesen


TKP/ML: Return to capitalism: Its Reasons and outcomes

Presentation of TKP/ML

International meeting 5 of November 2017 in Athens

Topic of Discussion:

Capitalist restoration: causes – effects – the answers of the movement.

Return to capitalism: Its Reasons and outcomes

After the October Revolution, the socialist relations of production were immediately started to build. Under the leadership of the Comrades Lenin and Stalin, despite all of the obstacles of a backward social structure, the Soviet people accomplished to develop an advanced socialist system thanks to a great altruistic effort, miraculous developments, and well-disciplined struggle. However, following the death of the Comrade Stalin, the Revisionist approach reversed back all the achievements of the socialism by re-constructing the capitalist production relations. Doubtlessly, return to capitalism from socialism and the triumph of bourgeoisie through a counter-revolution are indeed very critical issues on which the Communist movement should pay particular attention, and leap into class struggle by taking lessons from this experience. In fact, today the imperialist-capitalist system is making use of this return and ruin as a means of weakening/disorganizing the working-class and oppressed people/nations against its reactionary barbarian system. The U-turns have ideological and political impacts, leading the Proletariat to retreat from the class struggle. Therefore, clarifying/informing the revolutionary and communist attitude towards it would ideologically affect by leading them to cling to the class struggle in a strong and efficient manner. Weiterlesen

OCML-VP: The process of the capitalist restoration in the USSR

Presentation of OCML-VP

International meeting 5 of November 2017 in Athens

Topic of Discussion:

Capitalist restoration: causes – effects – the answers of the movement.

The process of the capitalist restoration in the USSR

We all know that revolution is when a class uproots power from another class. But what should be done afterwards? We respond: a State mechanism entirely new, instrument of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which will organize, during a long period of transition from capitalism to communism, the exercise of power by the workers themselves and the withering of the State. Historical experience teaches us that it is not so easy to build this new state. And above all, that the state is a carrier of contrasts and a source of Degeneration. Weiterlesen